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If you are interested in a Papillon puppy, Margie Roccomini has the pup for you at Monarch Kennel.Don’t know what a Papillon is? Papillon is a small sized toy-dog breed of the Spaniel type, its actually one of the oldest Spaniel breeds of all. The name of this breed comes from the French word “papillon” which means butterfly. Margie Roccomini says that this dog has a typical butterfly-like look with its long hair on the ears, hence the origin of the breeds name. Papillons are very intelligent small companion dogs, they learn new tricks and orders very easily. They have plenty of energy so they need a lot of exercise too. Papillon dog at Monarch Kennels is usually friendly with other animals, kids and even strangers, but caution should be exercised when handled by young kids –  the small doggy is fragile and could be seriously hurt. When handled properly, the dog can live very long, some individuals live 15 to 16 years without problems.
At Monarch Kennel, you’ll learn from Margie Roccomini that the Papillon is one of the oldest toy dog breeds, dating back to the 14th century. Once known as the Toy Spaniel, it is today sometimes called the Continental Toy Spaniel. “Papillon” is French for butterfly, and with its erect large ears and unique facial coloring, it is not hard to see the resemblance. Phalenes (pronounced fa-len) are Papillons with drop style ears; their name is French for night moth. The drop-ear was the original in the Papillon, but gradually the erect ears became more fashionable. Papillons were a court favorite among Europe’s aristocracy. Marie Antoinette of France was one of the many historical ladies reported to own a Papillon. Though the origin of the breed is under dispute, France is generally recognized as Papillon’s native soil.
So if you’re interested in one of these pups, go see Margie Roccomini at Monarch Kennel.